Thursday, March 22, 2012


Since it is now officially Spring I decided I better post. It has felt like Spring, Summer actually for the past several weeks around here but our computer is a little....slow and outdated so blogging with pictures(which I still haven't found a good way to do from my iPad) is something I don't get too as much anymore. We have been loving the warm temperatures and the chance to play outside. Ty and Callie loved playing outside with their cars a few weeks ago. We played on the driveway since at that point the backyard was still a bit muddy. She's a cheese.
Ty concentrated pretty hard on driving his Lightning McQueen just right.
and when driving down the driveway gets old theres always real life angry birds to keep you entertained.
With the nice weather we've been able to have a few fires in our fire pit already this year. The kids love roasting marshmallows.
Daddy getting the fire going even bigger. Again this girl is a cheese.
We also had the chance to go up to Algona last Friday for Carl's dad's retirement reception at Pioneer. There were lots of well wishers there, including the whole family(except for Alan who contractually needed to be at work) and even Em and Marzi flew in from DC. It was a warm day and the kids got to play at the park and also tour the plant and see the robot. They thought it was pretty cool. They entertained themselves at the reception with these stairs.
and here is the retiree with some of the grandkids(Since Addie can't stand we didn't trust her to be held by anyone under 5 foot tall she stayed safely in her moms arms since Grandpa is holding the cake and Grant didn't want anything to do with being in a picture at the moment)
We were glad to be able to make it back to celebrate Matt's special day. We had a good time visiting and seeing old friends and neighbors.