Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ezra is 2 and Catching Up (Again)

Ezra turned 2 the end of June! Crazy to think about but inevitably time is stealing my baby away. With each kid their babyhood has gone by faster and faster and while it is nice to move out of a lot of things the baby stage requires it's still sad too. For Ezra's birthday breakfast we had "nonuts" or donuts for those of you who dont speak Ezra. He was a fan of the donut but not the candle on top.

Later on we celebrated with a 2 cake. Again he didnt mind the cake but he does not like candles!

He also got to open a present from Grandma and Grandpa(with lots of help) and we got the traditional birthday picture in the big chair.

He just wasnt super smiley for pictures that day for some reason but I think he liked the attention just the same.

These past few weeks have been busy. The big 3 kids went to VBS at a local church. They LOVED it and it was strange for Ezra and I to have some one on one time. I'm pretty sure he didnt really know what to do with himself. They did a program Friday evening where we got to hear their songs and what they did throughout the week.

(Can you spot the three kids in the above pictures, it's a little like where's Waldo)

Then this past week Em came down to watch the kiddos so I could go to a homeschool conference just north of Houston. It was a great encouragement to me and I was able to look at and purchase a few curriculum items for fall. Carl was able to join me for part of Friday and Saturday so we also fit in a date night at the conference. The conference was in The Woodlands at the Waterway Marriott which is right on the Waterway which has a fun park area, restaurants, shops, etc. We had a great dinner and were able to go see the fountains(those of you who watch 19 Kids and Counting on TLC, the Duggars were speakers at the conference and when we went to the park we saw Jana and Jessa along with Jessas boyfriend with 3 or 4 of the younger girls enjoying the fountains and play area, I did see a few peole approach them for pictures but I would feel weird doing that)

The kids had so much fun playing with Em, she took them to the pool, for ice cream and I think they got in their fair share of games too. When we got back the next day we went downtown to Discovery Green, a park near Minute Maid Park(where the Astros play). Callie liked the pretty flowers.

And the kids all liked the playground and the water area.

After lunch we made our way to Minute Maid Park for an Astros game. The kids loved these baseballs outside the stadium

We were all glad, however, that Minute Maid Park is air conditioned!

Ezra discovered a love for cotton candy.

Everyone had a great time.

The next day we were all sad to say bye to Em but glad we are coming back to Iowa for a visit soon so we didnt have to say bye for long. All of the pictures of Em with the kids are on her phone so you'll have to refer to Facebook for those ;). Cant believe its almost August already!