Thursday, August 28, 2014

San Antonio, Iowa and Ty is 7!

Good grief lots to update again. In my defense I had a whole blogpost done on San Antonio several weeks ago and somehow my old iPad messed it up and refused to publish my post so now I'm using a different tablet we'll hope for the best.

Several weeks ago now we went to San Antonio for the weekend. Our August/September is going to be hectic to say the lease so we decided a family fun mini trip was I order before life became a little more crazy. Friday night we saw a light show at the old chapel in the main square. An artist basically created these slides to project onto the the church telling the history of San Antonio. It was very cool. Such pretty images.



After the show we explored the river walk a little and found the Alamo.

The next morning we headed back to the Alamo to look around since it was actually open. This big tree in the center area was so cool.

After the big kids and Carl looked around for awhile and watched a video on the Alamos history we made our way by the canons used during the time and some artifacts and found our way to the gift shop where trying on coon skin caps and sun bonnets was mandatory.

After we left the gift shop we headed back outside to figure out where to go next when a little bee came buzzing by. Callie freaked out at the buzzing bee and proceeded to jump up and down and wave her arms around and soon she added crying and screaming to the mix as sure enough the little buzzing bee had stung her on the finger. The stinger was still there so I was able to pull it out and we headed to the bathroom to wash it up and run it under cold water. Anyone who knows Callie knows the drama associated with this so we weren't a quiet scene walking to the bathrooms. Her finger was already pretty swollen by the time we got there and not having any of our children stung by a bee before I kept asking her if her throat felt ok and if she was breathing alright. She said her finger just hurt so we were thanking the good Lord she was not allergic to the sting. We decided we should head back to the hotel via the Walgreens and pick up some sting relief cream for her at that point. I did manage to get this picture as we were headed back. Callie doesn't look too bad all things considered

Once back at the hotel we got her finger on ice and put some sting cream on and then she was feeling better. After the bee drama we walked down to the Mercado or Market Square to the Mexican Market. Kind of a neat place with lots of Mexican goods and Texas souvenirs. Lots of different food stands as well. My fruit cup was so pretty

This is Main Square in the daylight. Has lots of pretty fountains and here is the church in the day.

Callie liked this flower we found on the street after lunch and Ty decided he was going to jump in the picture too.

At this point we were all hot and Ezra needed a nap so we headed back tome hotel for the big kids and daddy to swim and Ezra to take a nap. We had a balcony that overlooked the pool so I was able to watch my little fishes for awhile as well

The rest of the afternoon/evening we explored the Riverwalk some more and took a boat tour. It was busy down there but lots of fun.

The next morning we went to to Tower of the Americas and went to the top

Gabe wasn't so sure he liked it so high up there but it was cool to see. When we got done there is a 4-D movie you can watch called Skies Over Texas which takes you all over Texas and shows highlights and different attractions. It was pretty cool. The area around the Tower is all being redone but there were still some cold water features.

After that we headed home. It was a fun weekend. A few short weeks later we celebrated Ty turning 7!


Ezra enjoyed Ty's birthday cupcakes as well.

Shortly after that the kids and I embarked on our Iowa adventure. Carl doesn't really have vacation time yet so the kids and I flew to KC where my parents picked us up and we headed North. Honestly aside from Ezra throwing himself on the ground right before we got on use plane they really did travel well. We got to see lots of friends and family, go to Adventureland, Reiman Gardens and the farm. Unfortunately we brought the hot weather and humidity with us from Houston but we still had fun.



It was a busy 10 days and we all were pretty sad to leave but it was great to get back home to Daddy and sleep in our own beds! We are starting school this Friday with a 3rd and 1st grader as well as a pre-Ker. We are all excited about our new school year.