Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ty is 6!

Hard to believe but our red monster turned 6 yesterday! We had his party a little early this past weekend. He loved opening his presents

And was pretty happy with how his minion birthday cake turned out.

Eating the cake is always good too :)


On his actual birthday Ty requested Cinnamon Roll waffles. Dad did a good job. He also loved his Nagry Birds balloon and his Minecraft poster he opened.

We also surprised Ty with a trip to Adventureland for his birthday! He (and his siblings) were super excited. When we got there we had to do the carousel first.

Followed by the ferris wheel.


The kids loved all the rides, including the spinning rides which I cant do but fortunately Carl can. They pretty much wanted to ride them all.

A sweet treat is a must too.


Tonight we will make our trip to Hickory Park for a birthday sundae. Ty has had a great time celebrating. Thanks so much to everyone who came to his party and to Erika for watching Ezra for us yesterday. Smeday Ezra will love Adventureland too but not this year :)