Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Well life has been busy. It is a lot of work moving across the country but we are here and starting to get settled. I will post more on that later but wanted to get the kids pictures up from Halloween.

We had Cinderella(who really enjoyed posing)

A cheetah (who never is really into the whole posing thing)


A clone trooper (who likes that he didnt have to smile because of his mask)


And a Ninja Turtle (who also enjoyed not smiling) and who I cant seem to find a picture of by himself even though I know I took one. Hmmm.

Here is everyone though, Ninja Turtle included.


Hope everyone had a fun and Happy Halloween!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

At the Orchard

A few weeks ago the kids had an inservice day for school so we headed to Center Grove Orchard with Grandma. As always the corn pool was popular, even Ezra loved it.

The kids also liked to play in the 3 pigs houses.
And of course the jumping pillow and big super slide was lots of fun too although I didnt really get any pictures of that. I did make Ezra pose with the pumpkins.

And made the kids sit for one picture in front of the tractor.

Grandma was a little more willing to pose then the kids.

They had a great time and I'm pretty sure would have stayed much longer is Ezra didnt need to get home to nap.

In moving news we are still moving along with house stuff, a few glitches arose in the inspection with the old electrical but we are getting those resolved and I started packing a few boxes.

I have a ways to go but it's a start. Hopefully we will have a new place to move to soon. We found we like and are now waiting to hear back and work out the details. Strange to think these will be our surroundings soon.


Hope everyone is enjoying fall!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Callie is 4!

Crazy to think about but our pink and purple loving, sassy, singing, dancing, emotional, smart, funny and only pretty princess turned 4 on the 2nd!

Callie's request for her special birthday breakfast was homemade cinnamon rolls. I decided to ice them with purple frosting and use multicolored sprinkles. She was a happy birthday girl. She also received 4 lavender roses, a princess balloon and a gift to open.

That day as a special birthday treat we went to get our finger and toe nails done with our friends Steph and Lauren. The girls had pretty sparkly nails.

That night for her birthday we went to Texas Road House to eat and our big 4 year old even sart on the saddle.

Callie's birthday festivities continued Friday night with a birthday party for family. She of course loved opening her gifts.

And she loved her make it easy on mom Walmart Princess Cake :)

Saturday we sadly, said goodbye to Daddy who was leaving for Houston very early in the morning since he was starting his new job Monday. We did get to complete Callie's birthday celebrations by making a trip to Hickory Park for a birthday sundae.


So hard to believe she is 4. We can't imagine life without our pretty princess. You bring so much joy, happiness, laughter and yes girl drama into our lives! We are blessed to be your parents. We love tou Callaghan Grayce, you most definately live up to your name!(Callaghan means strife but Callie menas beautiful and she is without a doubt both of those things and we wouldnt want it any other way :)

Saturday, October 12, 2013


As most of you know we are moving to Houston.



Our house is officially sale pending.


We've had a goodbye picnic hosted by our wonderful former connection group, complete with a Texas cake.


And one last Iowa State tailgate with friends, who our kids have known since infancy.

In just a few weeks we will move our stuff out of a house that we love, away from family and friends who are too great to put into words and to a place where it doesnt snow, that is weird.

But even though we are very sad to leave all of this behind in Iowa we are excited to embark on a new, warmer adventure.


We will try to keep this blog that has been somewhat neglected lately more updated. Maybe not over the next few weeks with packing and moving craziness but at least once we get settled.

We know that moving comes with challenges and leaving behind all that is familiar and loved does too. We also know that the family of God is amazing and the reason we are blessed with our friends who are more like family here is because we are all children of the King. So while we are so sad to leave that behind we know God is bigger then even Texas and He will see us through. We appreciate any and all prayers as we navigate this crazy road, especially over the next few weeks.

If y'all need a warm place to visit come on down, seriously we would love visitors!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Catching Up

It's been a busy few weeks after Ty's birthday. We were able to go to Ledges for one last summer fun with friends trip. The kids LOVED playing in the water.

Gabe started school on the 22nd. 2nd Grade!

He has been loving school so far. Ty started on the following Monday, the 26th. Kindergarten!

He has loved school as well! Callie, Ezra and I think it is pretty quiet around here :). Ty also lost his first tooth a few days before school started. (He didn't have much of a gap since the grown up tooth was already coming in behind.)


And these just fall into the just because they're cute category.

Callie is not doing regular preschool this year(since she misses the September 15 cut off date for 4 year olds) but we do work on things at home and she is doing dance, she is always excited to go but is sometimes a little apprehensive and bashful when she gets there or during class, hopefully we will out grow that quickly.

We hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.