Saturday, April 21, 2012

Go Tribe!

The boys are both on the same team for t-ball this year.  They are the Indians.  Pretty sure this will be the only year this happens as from here on out they will each be with their age specific group where as t-ball is for 4 to 6 year olds.  I will get some action shots later in the season but here are our little Indians(and their sister who really wanted to be in the pictures also;)

Monday, April 9, 2012


We started off our Easter weekend with dying some eggs Saturday evening. Carl had his 4th of 7 Architect Registration Exams coming up on Monday so he was gone all day studying and the kids were super excited to have him home and to dye eggs:)
They each got to pick which color they wanted to start with and surprisingly no one picked the same color. Ty picked green of course(his favorite color)Callie wanted purple and Gabe red. They actually did a really good job being careful with the dye and the eggs and were really excited to do it this year. It seems like in years past it has been more of a frustrating then fun experience but this year they did great. Easter morning we got everyone ready and then I tortured the children with pictures outside before we left for church(you know in case they got dirty at church which can happen, they do have snack and play outside) This is typical.
but I did get a pretty cute one of all of them at least smiling.and after church since they didn't get too dirty I tortured them again with individual shots in front of the lilac bush.yep, typical Tywell at least it's a smile.She was pretty intent on smelling her flower.We had my parents and Grant and Danielle(and Grants roomate) over for lunch. We grilled burgers and everyone brought something to share. After lunch while we were cleaning up I put Grant and Danielle in charge of hiding Easter eggs in the backyard. This year we hid the candy filled eggs and the dyed eggs. They turned all the dyed eggs in for a surprise at the end of the hunt. First though they had to find their Easter baskets so they could put their eggs in them.
After the buckets were found the egg hunting began. They loved finding them and did a pretty good job of it. When they were done they each got a baggie to put their candy in.
We had a great day and were thankful we were able to spend time with family and friends but most importantly to give thanks to the One who paid it all. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tulip Time

We didn't venture to Pella for tulip time, although I really would like to someday. We went to check out the tulips at Reiman Gardens, a much cheaper option at the moment with gas being ridiculously high priced, I believe we are at 3.79 right now...ugh. Anyway it was cool and a little windy but we ventured to the garden anyway. We took a couple of little friends with us as well while their mommy and new baby sister ran a few errands. It was a definate challenge with 4 little ones...two 2 year olds and 2 4 year olds. Everyone had different ideas about where they wanted to go and what they wanted to see but we stayed together pretty well and I think they all had fun. Callie really liked the purple tulips.
She also really like to smell the flowers although I'm not so sure she actually ever got a whiff, the picture is cute though!
All the kids had their favorite color flowers and wanted their picture taken in front of them(some of them look at the camera better then others of course:)
They were a little disappointed that the fountains in the water weren't flowing yet but it looked they were working on them so pretty soon I'm sure.
I think they're favorite part of the day was the rolling hills. They ran up and down the hills so many times I lost count. I didn't get any pictures but it was pretty funny to watch them over and over again. Speaking of funny just had to share these pictures of the cheese.and apparently here she had had enough of me taking her picture.and before we left Brenna thought we needed to have our picture on the butterfly chair. She was even posing the kids for the picture(again some cooperated more then others:)
We have had a good spring so far and this past week the boys started teeball. They are on the same team and as of yet we don't have a team name so I will keep you posted. They are so excited and so far love it! I will post pics when they get their hats and jerseys!