Saturday, March 23, 2013

Catch Up

Our computer and surge protector had a few issues lately so sorry no posts lately. I will try to play catch up in this post.

Gabe played Upward Basketball through our church this year. He had fun and showed so much improvement as the season went on. I tried to get a few pictures of him in action but my camera doesn't do well in gym settings.

Coming out of the smoke with his team.


They would take a knee and pray before each game.

Gabe was #13 and liked to play defense.


And just because he's cute.


We celebrated Valentines this year by ainting clay magnets and drinking "love potion" for supper:)




Ezra had hi first haircut the end of February. His hair was so long he needed it! He was a trooper and sat very well the whole time(his sister was another story...ugh)



Speaking of Ezra he turned 8 months old he end of February(well technically March 1st since there was no February 29th). We moved our big chair to he basement and ever since I can't get him to smile when I put him in the chair for his picture. Must be too strange of environment:)


Ty tried to help me out and get him to smile but not so much...



Ezra likes bananas:)


And most recently we've been cheering on our Cyclones in the Big 12 and NCAA tournaments. Here's Ezra and our friends daughter, Abby, in their unplanned matching outfits.


Hopefully I won't have to do too many more catch up posts in the future:). Come on Spring!