Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lighthouses and Ferry Boats

We just got done doing a book and lessons on a lighthouse and different types of boats this past week for Ty's school. Being so close to the gulf I did a little looking and found there was an old lighthouse near Galveston and to get there you take a ferry boat. Perfect. All the kids loved the ferry boats, especially the seagulls that flocked to the boat, I was not such a fan if the seagulls as one decided I would make a good bathroom early on in the boatride. I was thankful for wet wipes and sanitizer. Despite the bird it was really cool.

The Lighthouse is no longer in use and is actually privately owned so we didnt get to look around it at all but it was cool for Ty and the other kids to see an actual lighthouse in person.

After the ferry over and back we grabbed some lunch and of course had to hit the beach even though it was a little cool. The kids loved the big sand piles and needless to say needed to be desanded when we got


And my favorite picture from our day trip...

We love the beach!