Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Months

I am a bad blogger lately.  Partly because I don't really have time a lot of weeks and party because I don't really have a ton to blog about.  Winter is always a little ho-hum without a ton of exciting activities but 4 kids keep it exciting enough anyway.  Ezra, despite my pleas with him to stop, continues to grow and get bigger.  He was 7 months old on January 29th.  He got 2 new teeth this past month, the teeth on either side of his top front teeth so we call them his fangs.  He also is sitting better although still falls over occasionally so we continue to keep the boppy around him.
He continues to love to eat and we haven't found too much that he doesn't like.  He is starting to get the hang of eating cheerios and very small pieces of food off his high chair tray although I think mostly it find the floor and subsequently Rona(our beagle) finds it(I guess at least sweeping isn't really an issue anymore:)  Ezra is proving to be our baby that laughs the most and often gives us big belly laughs, especially when his siblings are entertaining him.  He loves to Jump up and down in his excersaucer and put absolutely everything in his mouth.  Not sure what we would do for entertainment around here if it weren't for Ezra. 
(as you can see his hair is getting super long and yes he needs his first haircut!)

(and the above picture cracked me up, he was not in a smiley mood at all this day but this expression is classic)