Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter and 9 Months!

Ezra turned 9 months old this past Friday! He has been battling a cold most of this last month but thankfully it hasn't seemed to bother him too much. He has been babbling up a storm and says yeah yeah yeah yeah a lot. I keep trying to get him to say Mama but so far no luck. He still isn't crawling forwards but has figured out how to get himself from sitting position onto his belly and go backwards. I'm sure forward crawling will be coming soon.

As you can see Ezra is also an expert drooler and the nasty cold he has has definitely not helped him out in keeping his shirt dry.

We celebrated Easter this past Sunday with family and friends. The kids had coordinating Easter outfits, I don't coordinate their clothing often but I just couldn't help myself for Easter. I attempted to get a shot with all 4 and I got a few pretty good ones but for every good one we had about 3 of these...


Then there was there was the standing pose.


And a few half way good ones:)


After church Sunday we had some people over for lunch and then did an Easter egg hunt courtesy of Danielle and an Easter basket hunt courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa.



And just because they turned out cute here are a few shots of each of the kids on their own.


We hope everyone had a very blessed Easter.