Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We've been busy baking around here and getting ready for Christmas.  I have a girl who loves to help!
With celebrations beginning this weekend we will surely be even more busy soon so wanted to take the time to say Merry Christmas(in case I don't have time to get on to post before then) We hope you remember the reason why we celebrate!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oh (Fake) Christmas Tree

Yes you read that correctly, we have a fake Christmas tree this year:(  It didn't work out to get up to the tree farm over the last several weeks and I couldn't wait any longer to deck our halls so my mom wasn't using her bigger artificial tree and said we could borrow it.  Yes, we could have gone to get a real tree around Ames but I am too cheap to pay for one when I know where I can get one for a deep discount up the road a few miles:)  Anyway even though it's fake we still had fun decorating it the other night.  I let the kids help me with "my" tree since we didn't do one upstairs this year which is usually their tree.  I didn't have too high of expectations but they actually did a really good Job.  There were a few too many decorations down low but we fixed that and I think it turned out pretty nice...well you know for a fake tree:)

5 Months

Ezra turned 5 months old on Thursday.  This month he started to really laugh a lot, especially at big brother Gabe.  He also started to be a hungry boy and eating a bigger bottle at each feeding.  He is a pretty happy guy most of the time now but he is wiggly!  He will let you know when he is sleepy and ready for a nap and generally does great sleeping at night and during the day.  It is strange to think around this time last year we were surprised to learn our 4th little bundle would be completing our family in the summer and now we can't imagine life without our cute little bean!
I can add a first to Ezra's baby book as well as he tried his first food today.  Sweet potatoes.  He didn't do too bad:)