Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oh (Fake) Christmas Tree

Yes you read that correctly, we have a fake Christmas tree this year:(  It didn't work out to get up to the tree farm over the last several weeks and I couldn't wait any longer to deck our halls so my mom wasn't using her bigger artificial tree and said we could borrow it.  Yes, we could have gone to get a real tree around Ames but I am too cheap to pay for one when I know where I can get one for a deep discount up the road a few miles:)  Anyway even though it's fake we still had fun decorating it the other night.  I let the kids help me with "my" tree since we didn't do one upstairs this year which is usually their tree.  I didn't have too high of expectations but they actually did a really good Job.  There were a few too many decorations down low but we fixed that and I think it turned out pretty nice...well you know for a fake tree:)

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