Wednesday, May 1, 2013

10 Months and Baseball

Ezra turned 10 months on Monday. It is so hard to believe he will be 1 in just 2 short months! This has been a busy month for him. He learned to get from sitting position to crawling position and back to sitting. I will often times find him waiting for me sitting up in his crib in the morning. Usually with a huge smile too. He finally has learned to crawl forward! He has been up on hands and knees quite awhile but has now learned to actually move himself forward which means nothing is safe. He also started babbling more and added mama to his list of words(he also says dada, occasionally but he said mama first, 1 out of 4 saying mama first but at least I get to claim the last one:). He loves his brothers and sister and laughs so hard at their antics. He can use a sippy cup now and discovered he loves daddy's pancakes.


Here is our 10 month old in the big. I have decided he definitely doesn't like the basement as I have the hardest time getting our normally super smiley boy to smile. Oh well.


In other newsGabe and Ty started baseball and tball. Both like it a lot and look forward to their games. Gabe is playing machine pitch this year and they keep score. A bit different from tball but he is doing pretty well and getting used to hitting from the machine. His team is the Rivercats. Here he is in his uniform(nevermind my scowling daughter, not sure why she was disgruntled but apperently she was)


There have been some uniform issues this year so Ty still doesnt have a team name or a uniform. As soon as he does I will post his picture on his uniform. Hopefully they will have them soon or the season will be half over! Baseball has definately kept us busy but it's been fun to watch them.