Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day Trip

We finally ventured back over to Galveston this past weekend after being scared away by the mountains of seaweed when we went in June. I had heard the seaweed was finally letting up so we decided to give it a try. Also we wanted to go check out a ship I had found information about awhile ago. Gabe is reading Treasure Island for school right now and he has been reading a series of books by AS Petserson that have ships in them as well, so I thought it would be a good visual for him to see. The ship is named the Elissa. It was used in the late 1800's as a merchant ship. It has made many trips across the ocean and we were surprised at all of its stops and routes over e years.


The day we were there they had many volunteers inboard learning how to run the sails and rigging as well as keeping up the ship. They were all very helpful answering our questions and you could tell they all loved what they were doing. Here we are steering the ship.


Just the shear amount of rigging and sails was so impressive. It was really an impressive ship.

We were able to go down and see the captains quarters as well as the engine room and cargo area. We decided you'd better not be claustrophobic if you wanted to be a sea captain(or sailor). The kids fit just right in the crews beds but we reminded them that these beds were meant for grown ups.

It was fun when we were on board an older gentleman came up to Carl and me(we were wearing our ISU shirts) and said Iowa State class of '66 and shook my hand. Just goes to show you we Cyclones are everywhere! We all thought the ship was pretty cool and enjoyed our time looking through it.


After a great lunch we hit the beach. The seaweed was much better and we all had a great time in the sand and surf(well Ezra not the surf so much, he does NOT like the waves).

It was a great Saturday on this little Texas adventure we find ourselves in.

Speaking of Texas adventures, you don't find these little guys in Iowa,


Ty was so proud to have caught one.