Saturday, October 12, 2013


As most of you know we are moving to Houston.



Our house is officially sale pending.


We've had a goodbye picnic hosted by our wonderful former connection group, complete with a Texas cake.


And one last Iowa State tailgate with friends, who our kids have known since infancy.

In just a few weeks we will move our stuff out of a house that we love, away from family and friends who are too great to put into words and to a place where it doesnt snow, that is weird.

But even though we are very sad to leave all of this behind in Iowa we are excited to embark on a new, warmer adventure.


We will try to keep this blog that has been somewhat neglected lately more updated. Maybe not over the next few weeks with packing and moving craziness but at least once we get settled.

We know that moving comes with challenges and leaving behind all that is familiar and loved does too. We also know that the family of God is amazing and the reason we are blessed with our friends who are more like family here is because we are all children of the King. So while we are so sad to leave that behind we know God is bigger then even Texas and He will see us through. We appreciate any and all prayers as we navigate this crazy road, especially over the next few weeks.

If y'all need a warm place to visit come on down, seriously we would love visitors!


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