Sunday, October 13, 2013

Callie is 4!

Crazy to think about but our pink and purple loving, sassy, singing, dancing, emotional, smart, funny and only pretty princess turned 4 on the 2nd!

Callie's request for her special birthday breakfast was homemade cinnamon rolls. I decided to ice them with purple frosting and use multicolored sprinkles. She was a happy birthday girl. She also received 4 lavender roses, a princess balloon and a gift to open.

That day as a special birthday treat we went to get our finger and toe nails done with our friends Steph and Lauren. The girls had pretty sparkly nails.

That night for her birthday we went to Texas Road House to eat and our big 4 year old even sart on the saddle.

Callie's birthday festivities continued Friday night with a birthday party for family. She of course loved opening her gifts.

And she loved her make it easy on mom Walmart Princess Cake :)

Saturday we sadly, said goodbye to Daddy who was leaving for Houston very early in the morning since he was starting his new job Monday. We did get to complete Callie's birthday celebrations by making a trip to Hickory Park for a birthday sundae.


So hard to believe she is 4. We can't imagine life without our pretty princess. You bring so much joy, happiness, laughter and yes girl drama into our lives! We are blessed to be your parents. We love tou Callaghan Grayce, you most definately live up to your name!(Callaghan means strife but Callie menas beautiful and she is without a doubt both of those things and we wouldnt want it any other way :)

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