Sunday, October 20, 2013

At the Orchard

A few weeks ago the kids had an inservice day for school so we headed to Center Grove Orchard with Grandma. As always the corn pool was popular, even Ezra loved it.

The kids also liked to play in the 3 pigs houses.
And of course the jumping pillow and big super slide was lots of fun too although I didnt really get any pictures of that. I did make Ezra pose with the pumpkins.

And made the kids sit for one picture in front of the tractor.

Grandma was a little more willing to pose then the kids.

They had a great time and I'm pretty sure would have stayed much longer is Ezra didnt need to get home to nap.

In moving news we are still moving along with house stuff, a few glitches arose in the inspection with the old electrical but we are getting those resolved and I started packing a few boxes.

I have a ways to go but it's a start. Hopefully we will have a new place to move to soon. We found we like and are now waiting to hear back and work out the details. Strange to think these will be our surroundings soon.


Hope everyone is enjoying fall!

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