Friday, February 8, 2008

I Heard It's Your Birthday

Pete is starting his new job today with orientation in Des Moines so he came up a day early, which happened to be his birthday. We were able to go celebrate with him at Hickory Park and then have a cake that Gabe helped me make, complete with sprinkles at Mom and Dad's after. Gabe loves birthdays and was thrilled to have someone's birthday to celebrate, even if it wasn't his own. He made Uncle Pete a card and drew Mr. Incredible and Dash on it and put some stickers on it as well. When we were getting done I asked what else he wanted to put on the card, his response "I don't know something amazing" quote from his favorite movie of the month The Incredibles. Gabe loved helping Pete blow out his candles and even got into the spirit of things with party hats left over from his first birthday. I think we will have fun celebrating his birthday this June! Ty missed most of the fun as he slept the whole time, oh-well he can't have cake anyway:)

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