Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pizza and Piano Pals

The winter days can get long around here so today Gabe and his friend Brady became pizza chefs. They were actually very good chefs, they smooshed the biscuits down for the crust and then even added the sauce and cheese themselves without very much mess at all, I was impressed. I turned the oven light on so they could watch them bake. It was funny to see them both bent over in front of the oven watching their lunch cook. While the boys were cooking Bree and Ty provided entertainment on the paino I mean piano.


Marti said...

you're a really good mommy hollie..hang in there...winter will end someday!!

allison said...

holly, i agree with're a great mom.
and i couldn't help but comment on ty's face in the last picture.....priceless!!