Monday, February 8, 2010

Winter Boredom Beaters

Wow this seems like a loooooooong winter. We have had to create our own fun more then once to try and quash those winter boredom bouts.
Activity #1 Showing off our muscles

Activity #2 Shaving Cream Fun(and the clean-up that followed shaving cream fun)

Activity #3 Making Callie Grin(and one without the fingers in the mouth:)

Activity #4 Watching Daddy make Pancakes...lots of pancakes! He tried out chocolate pancakes and cinnamon bun pancakes the other day...they were gooood.

Hopefully this lovely, mild Winter will depart from us soon but in the meantime we will have to think up some more winter boredom beaters. Any suggestions?


Flip-flop Mama said...

way to go Hollie! We played with shaving cream last winter. . won't be doing that again :) GooF's the pancake maker at our house too!

Grandma Mel said...

I needed a laugh today and the boys playing in shaving cream did it. I would venture to say you are wondering why you didn't have them play with it in the bathtub to begin with.