Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gabe's Big Game

Gabe has been playing t-ball now since the middle of June.  I was unsure whether to do Parks and Rec t-ball or club t-ball this year but since he had not officially played t-ball before we decided to go with the cheaper, less time Parks and Rec option this year.  We have found Gabe loves to play, well Gabe loves to hit, fielding and catching are improving but the hitting is the highlight.  He had t-ball Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  They would work on their skills with catching, throwing, fielding and hitting and then towards the end do scrimmages.  This past Friday though was the end of the year wrap up and the "big game under the lights"  Gabe was very excited to play in his big game and talked about it for weeks before hand.  Here he is before his big game ready to play(seriously when did this kid get so big!)

The big game started and Gabe's team was in the field first, he was playing 1st base to start(a big job as they are taught to always throw to 1st every play)

He did pretty well although we find that Gabe can be a bit.....spacey at times:)  After everyone had a chance to hit on the other side it was Gabe's teams turn at bat.  We have been practicing with him at home on his hitting and he has done really well but we have found when he gets to T-ball all the sudden he is timid at bat, after pep talks we were waiting to see how he would hit it.  Our leftie did pretty well!(although still not as well as he hits at home but it's a start:)

Running to first base, sometimes he is a little too laid back and skips but today he ran pretty well.

The 2nd inning Gabe played short stop. 

and he had one more chance to bat.  He hit it pretty well again and here is rounding the bases to 2nd.

and of course we practice good sportsmanship and give everyone low fives after the game.

and one last huddle of the season.

The season wouldn't be complete without treats afterwards of course.

and since it was pretty hot and humid and the rest of us wanted a treat we headed to Wendy's to get frosty's to celebrate the end of the season.

Some of us were a little cleaner eaters then others.

We were glad Gabe enjoyed t-ball and look forward to continuing to practice with him and Ty.  Callie even likes to hit off the tee every now and again:)  Seems like summer is coming to a close all too quickly. 

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