Thursday, October 4, 2012

Look Who's 3!

I can hardly believe it but Callie turned 3 on Tuesday!  She woke up to a birthday donut and princess balloons.
She also got to open a present and she was very pleased to discover it was this Foofa hat.
Even though it was warm that day she insisted on wearing it wherever we went!
That night we went to Hickory Park for the traditional birthday sundae.
She wasn't so sure about all the people singing to her but she did love her ice cream!
I forgot to take her chair picture on her birthday but did finally remember today.  Our 3 year old in the big chair!
Her celebrations are not quite over yet as we are having a small family party this Saturday.  I'm sure she will be excited for that.  It's crazy to think that 3 short years ago she came into our family and added a touch of pink to our shades of blue(and lots of drama!)  We love you Callaghan Grayce, you make every day an adventure.  We wouldn't trade your bright smile, your funny expressions, your orneriness and yes even your drama for anything.  We are blessed to be your parents.

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