Monday, January 14, 2013

Catch Up

Life is busy and I haven't had a chance to blog in awhile.  I am currently in the process of getting our Christmas pictures uploaded from a different camera so the Christmas post will be coming once I get that accomplished but thought I'd catch up with a few non-Christmas pictures in the meantime. 
The kids were SUPER excited about our first snow of the season in December.  They couldn't wait to get their snow gear on and head out sledding.

Since we got our first big snowfall our inflatable sled met it's doom with a patch of ice but the kids still had fun sledding these past few weeks anyway.  They are eagerly awaiting another big snow since now a lot of the original snow is gone.

We also were able to go to a Cyclone game during Christmas break this year.  The kids all did great and loved to watch the Cyclones play(minus Ezra, who we thought would have more fun staying with Grandma and taking a nap then going to the game:)

and to wrap the random things we did over break post our sweet little baby boy turned 6 months old on the 29th of December!  We actually moved our big chair down to the basement for the time being since we are in the process of redoing our living room so please excuse the drab walls in the background.  This month Ezra started eating vegetables and cereal.  Finally rolled over from back to tummy and started getting better at sitting up on his own for longer periods of time.  He remains our sweet, smiley baby who loves to put everything in his mouth and and screech when he is excited.  At his 6 month checkup he weighed in at 18lbs. 14.5oz and was 26.5 inches long! No wonder he's getting so heavy to carry around!  Hard to believe he's already half way to one.

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