Saturday, November 15, 2014

Catch Up

I should really just change the name of the blog to catching up because that's always what I'm doing. Oh well. Since I last posted we had a girl turn 5! Callie woke up to a room full of purple balloons.

And of course some purple presents

She choose pancakes for her birthday breakfast. She also got a Rapunzel wig and costume, hence the hair.

She got to go have lunch with Daddy at the water wall

And after a supper of empanadas we had a specially requested pink and purple cake with sprinkles

That weekend she received the big part of her birthday gift.

Yep, a trampoline. Now that summers over they have been outside lots more and have already broken it in quite nicely.

The weekend after Callie's birthday Heather and Steph came down for a fun filled girls weekend! We showed them around Houston and then headed over to the beach for a few days.

The picture above is our hotel. So pretty! Awesome pool area as well!

I was super sad to have them go, especially since I won't get to see them again till we go up to Iowa sometime next summer but I am so glad for texts!

We also visited Battleship Texas in October but for some reason those pictures aren't showing up on my iPad. The kids loved climbing all over on the ship and getting to move the deck guns.

The end of October we found ourselves with a duck, Sleeping Beauty, Obi Wan Kenobi, and a ninja.

We went to a trunk or treat at our church and the kids had so much fun.

The next morning we got up very early and went to a light show at Rice University. They have a show everyday at sunrise and sunset. Basically you look up through a square in the ceiling and the light around the opening changes colors and then it also makes the sky appear to change colors. It was pretty cool.

After the sun was up we headed to the zoo for members morning, meaning members get in an hour earlier than the general public. Gabe had a dragonfly he found that he researched and wanted to turn into the swap shop to get points towards a sharks tooth he had been wanting.

Last weekend Carl and I went to a black tie gala honoring one of the founders of his company. We definitely felt a little out of place but we had fun.

We are looking forward to the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday and spending a few days on the beach at South Padre. Hopefully I will remember to update again before too long.


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