Monday, March 24, 2008

Belated Happy Easter

I decided to update the look of the blog to green to celebrate the beginning of Spring(well at least the calendar says it's spring the temperature today says otherwise) It has been a busy past few weeks for us. We are still in full swing fixing up the house, we are hoping to move in this coming Sunday! Most of the paint is done, thanks so much to Chuck from our connection group who spent two very late nights helping us get the majority of it finished and Andrea who helped us get a great start on the very daunting pink hallway. We only have a few touch-ups here and there and the kitchen to do. The kitchen is coming along well, we are almost ready to lay the new floor and rearrange cabinets. Then we can get the appliances in and paint on the walls, we are also getting new countertops but those won't be in for awhile since we have to order them once we get everything rearranged. The downstairs bathroom is still in need of some wallpaper scrape off. We thought we could get away with just priming and painting over it since it is a small room, no such luck, when I put the primer on the wall paper started to bubble up and split at the seems, which wouldn't be a big deal if there weren't 3 layers of wall paper there, oh-well like I said at least it's a small room. The fireplace wall still hasn't been touched but will get attention once the kitchen is done. It feels good to see some progress going on. Our Easter weekend was busy but great. Carl was in the Easter drama at our church so he has been extremely busy with rehersals and then all the performances over the weekend. It was a lot of time but it was a great drama and he and everyone involved did a great job. This past week the boys and I were able to do a few fun Easter activities. On Thursday we went to the library to an Easter party, they did a few crafts and listened to a few stories and then the Easter bunny came and gave them a treat(normally we don't do Santa, Easter Bunny, etc. as we want Gabe to know the true meaning of these holidays but I made an exception since we just needed to get out of the house) Gabe loves anything in costume and ran right up to the Easter bunny. He had to get treats for his little friends who were with us since they did not share Gabe's enthusiasm for the oversized rabbit. Friday we went to Heather and Brady's house and dyed Easter Eggs. We managed to only have one major oops when Gabe knocked over the cup full of green dye, luckily both boys had used that color already and it didn't get on the carpet! Saturday Gabe and Ty got to go to the farm with Grandma and Uncle Pete. He was so excited he got to ride on the tractor and see a few of the animals Great Uncle Dave has at his house. He wasn't so keen on the goats I heard. The boys also had a first this past weekend, they both took a bath in the big boy bath at the same time. This has never happened before but for times sake I decided to try it and they both did great, I was having visions of Gabe knocking Ty over face first into the water but he did a good job, I think he was wondering where all the water was since it wasn't very deep and he is used to a little more water in the tub but he still managed to have fun and get clean. Sunday we all went to church, came home had lunch and then Gabe and Ty got to see what was in their Easter Baskets, Ty was pretty indifferent although he did enjoy chewing on the contents of his basket and Gabe loved his new Mater toy. We tried to do an Easter Egg hunt but Gabe was more interested in eating the candy with each egg he found instead of trying to find more eggs so Uncle Pete had to help him out. Maybe next year the weather will be a little warmer and we can do our egg hunt outside. We will continue to update on the house situation, hopefully I will be able to blog from there soon! We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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Flip-flop Mama said...

I had to ask. . .did you strategically place a toy between Ty's legs for the tubby picture? :) ha Wish I could help paint and come on a tour of the house!!