Friday, March 14, 2008

So Big

Hard to believe Ty is 7 months old today! We had to use a substitute for our normal big white chair since it is sitting in the trailer in storage. Instead we used Grandma and Grandpa's big red chair. Ty started eating cereal puffs this week, we had tried them a few times before but he wasn't quite ready as he would gag on them because he didn't quite get the chewing concept yet, now he does great and loves to eat them while Gabe has a snack or while the rest of us eat supper. He is starting to look so big and is definitely out growing his carrier car seat. When the weather stays nice we will switch him into Gabe's and get Gabe a new one, it seems kids have to stay in car seats now until they can drive themselves, oh-well. We enjoyed the nice weather yesterday with a walk and tricycle ride. Gabe finally can pedal the tricycle Grandpa Matt and Grandma Nancy got him and did a great job riding along side the stroller. We were watching my nephew yesterday who is a few months older then Ty and the babies both loved the stroller ride and being outside. We hope it continues. Gabe is very much ready for the nice weather to come. Every day he asks me if it is Spwing yet? Mostly because he know that in the spring the tractors wake up at Lowes and on the farm and he can go for a ride. He had a blast being outside yesterday and we discovered that Lowe's does indeed have the lawn mowers outside, so to Gabe "spwing" is officially here, never mind the impending snow we are supposed to be getting this weekend, gotta love the weather in Iowa. The insulation in our house is done, I wish we would have had a camera, I have never seen such a mess in all my life. It seriously looked like a tornado had hit our house, insulation and pieces of wall everywhere. The insulation kid of looks like fake snow and when we walked in Wednesday night Gabe looked and said "It's snowing in our house" It did indeed look like snow in our house. They were coming back to clean up this morning and my dad got the holes filled last night, let the painting begin!

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Flip-flop Mama said...

Not only do Ty and Trey have the same clothes, we have the same double stroller :) It's fun to take them outside after the long winter, huh?! And he looks so cute in that nike hat :) When we walked around the block yesterday Ainsley pushed Trey, and Porter rode his motorcycle, so I just walked!