Monday, February 16, 2009

Cheap Entertainment

Sometimes the simplest things make for the greatest fun. That was the case at our house with balloons. We had given Carl some Thank You balloons for being such an awesome husband, daddy and supporter when I started my part time job and the boys latched onto the balloons shortly after. They enjoyed letting them go and then trying to catch them and then occasionally hitting each other with them. Ty liked to put his in his mouth a few times and I was afraid it would pop but it was strong and held out. The bath tub is also good cheap entertainment. The boys always have lots of fun in the bath, it is usually a much needed break during the long winter months. I think we are all ready for warmer, Spring weather. The other day when we were driving we drove by the swings at the end of our street and Gabe asked if it was Spring yet...I told him nope not until all the snow is gone, he replied that he wished Spring would hurry up he was tired of winter. I think those are all of our sentiments around here.


Janel said...

It has to be so much fun to have a lil brother close in age! I love watching the interactions between siblings! Great pictures!

Flip-flop Mama said...

Great cheap entertainment Hollie! They're so precious :)