Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pure Joy

Nothing brings pure joy at our house like ice cream. Shakes(or Milkpops as Gabe calls them) are a definite favorite. Friday night we went out to dinner with my mom and dad and decided that afterwards we were going to head to Burgies to get some shakes(especially since I get a discount now:) Gabe came in with me and picked out his flavor and we took one back out to the car for Daddy and Ty. When we got home Gabe decided to be a good big brother and share his shake with Ty and Daddy also generously gave Ty the rest of his shake. Ty LOVES ice cream and got very angry when all the shakes were gone. He even enjoyed my Jamocha shake(with espresso-decaf for those concerned). Pure joy also comes in the form of outside time, espcially for a little boy who has been couped up in the house for a few months. Gabe loved his outside time this past weekend. He splashed through the puddles with his Lightning McQueen boots and even dismembered his beloved snowman whose head and middle had pretty much fallen off already(he is waving around it's "arm" in this picture) amazing how quickly it goes from being an arm to a sword. He also enjoyed sliding down the hill, he had very wet pants when we went in. We have been enjoying the warmer weather so much but I'm sure we will have more snow and cold to come but it has been great getting a taste of Spring.


Emily said...

Wow I'm surprised there are still remnants of our snowman. Kinda sad to see it dismembered though.

clarkitect said...

There were remnants. After the last two days there is no longer any snow in our yard.