Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Love Long Weekends!

Long weekends are the best. Especially long weekends that start off with an ISU football game(and win, thank goodness) We had the JCorp crew over to tailgate at our house before the first ISU football game of the season this past week(and I forgot to take any pictures..oops) it was a great time. We then all walked down to the stadium for the big game, we even took Ty, who hadn't been to a game since he was around 3 weeks old. He did pretty well but he and I left at halftime since he was getting pretty tired and squirmy. I probably shouldn't have walked home carrying a 25 lb. 2 year old the whole way being 35 weeks pregnant but I thought of that after the fact:) Friday I had a check-up and everything is going well with baby #3 so far so good to stay on schedule and have the baby on October 2nd. I had an ultrasound and baby was already measuring 5 lbs. 15 oz. slightly above average for its gestational age and everything else looked great so that was great news. Saturday we took it easy and Carl worked on his car at a friends house. He replaced his breaks, which desperately needed to be done and changed his oil. He came home looking like a real grease monkey and he loved every minute of it. Saturday night we went to church and had some friends over to help us eat the pork loin we had left from Thursday's tailgate. Sunday we headed out to Andrea and Alans to watch grandpa Matt use his new toy. This tree spade, Gabe thought it was pretty cool to watch the tree come out of the ground but the coolest part was probably the big hole it left, which seemed to be more entertaining to all the boys who liked to throw things down it. While we were out there we also worked in the garden. Carl dug up the rest of the potatoes and Andrea and I picked our bumper crop of tomatoes(to see pics of our crop click here) The boys loved to drink out of the thermos. After we were done we came home and ordered pizza and crashed as we were all exhausted. Monday Carl finished working on our storm windows, getting them painted and glazed and besides 3 very minor trim details the house is done! I worked on making food for Monday night as Grandma, Grandpa and Bone were staying at Mom and Dads on their way back from Missouri for the weekend. We got to have a fire after supper and Gabe was very excited. Mom and Dad found giant marshmallows at Hy-Vee in Algona when they were up for the weekend and the boys both loved them. It was a busy weekend but so much fun to be able to spend time together as a family, we have to enjoy our last few weeks being a family of 4! I end this very long post(sorry) with some pics of our little rock starts jamming out to Switchfoots new song(music courtesy of Daddy)

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