Monday, September 21, 2009

A Monkey for Baby

I have been thinking about taking the boys to Build a Bear so they could make the baby a stuffed animal for awhile now but never have had the chance to get down to Jordan Creek to do it. Friday my mom asked if we wanted to go with her while she picked up some work from a bank down by the mall so I jumped on the chance to go and do Build a Bear as well. Gabe was very excited about making the baby a stuffed animal. He was determined that he was going to make it a monkey(which is his favorite stuffy) and I told him we would have to see if they had one. We walked in the door and immediately Gabe spotted a monkey. I encouraged him to look at everything(they had some super cute bears that were so soft) but he was just sure the baby would want a monkey and nothing else. So we picked up the monkey and went over to the sounds. I told him I thought the lullaby one would be nice for the new baby but he didn't think a monkey should play a lullaby it should sound like a monkey so the monkey sound it was. After we picked out its sound we went to have him stuffed. Gabe was very helpful pushing the pedal down to add the stuffing and asking a million questions about the process and what everything was for. Right after he was stuffed he was able to pick a heart and give it a kiss to put inside the monkey. When he was done being stuffed and sewn back up we took him over the air showers to clean him off and brush him up. Ty liked to help with this part too. He didn't quite understand what we were doing and was more interested in seeing what he could take off the shelves but he did enjoy brushing the monkey with the brushes. Once he was clean we had to pick out the monkey's clothes. Since we don't know if monkey is a boy or girl we had slim pickings but decided since this is a fall baby we would dress the monkey up as a pumpkin. It did turn out pretty cute. The last thing we did was decide on a name for the monkey and Gabe decided its name had to be George. I asked him what if the monkey is for a girl? He said no it's a boy and even if its a girl it can still be George. So George is the monkeys name. Gabe was a very proud big brother and is very excited to give the monkey to the baby when he/she arrives:) It was fun to watch him selflessly do something for the baby and be so proud of his accomplishment.

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Mom said...

Great story - must have been a fun day!