Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lots of Christmas

4 Christmas's down and 1 to go. We celebrated with my family on Christmas eve, did our own family Christmas on Christmas morning, the Mawdsleys on Sunday and then celebrated with Carl's family on Monday. The Mawdsleys and Clark Christmas both were post poned due to the bad weather but we still all managed to have a good time. We will be celebrating with the Angus's on Saturday.

Gabe helping Grandma pass out presents(Ty kept giving all the presents to Pete:) Getting a little help from GrandpaGabe's turnCallie after sleeping through the present opening with some of her giftsMommy and CallieOne of my attemps at a Christmas Eve Jammies picture(none were successful)Checking out whats in the stockings.Callie with her presentA little help from the big brothersA little something for when she gets biggerNot happy about this picture attempt
Smiley GirlAll the kiddos with their stockings(in case you're wondering Callaghan is not on her stocking because Pottery Barn would only embroider up to 8 letters so we had to do Callie instead)Ty and Callie(one of his few tender big brother moments)
After looking through my pictures I realized I didn't take any at the Mawdsley Christmas or any good ones at the Clark Christmas, although we did get a family picture on Matt and Nancy's camera which she is supposed to be sharing with us(hint, hint). After Saturday we will offcially be done, which is good because I don't think the toy box is going to hold much more:)

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Flip-flop Mama said...

so cute! Merry Christmas! Looks like Gabe is playing with a Toy Story toy like Porter got :)