Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Because We're Cheap

we decided to buy a pair of clippers and cut the boys hair ourselves:) Their hair seems to grow so fast and when we would take them to get haircuts by the time we paid for cuts and then a tip for 2 different stylists it was almost 30 bucks a pop(disclaimer yes this is hypocritical on my part, I have no problem spending at least that much on my hair but I don't get mine cut as often as they need theirs cut so in my mind it is justified:). I thought they are boys, it is summer lets give this a try ourselves. So I bought a clippers at Wal-mart and enlisted Daddy to cut the hair. Much to Gabe's displeasure we used the high chair to boost them up a little higher. Gabe was the 1st test subject. He did pretty well but did not like all the hair sticking to him and often requested a brush off:) I think it turned out pretty well. Ty was up next and we decided that it looked like we were grooming a golden retriever with the color of hair that was coming off Ty. He was a bit more of a challenge for Daddy as he was a little more wiggly but he still did pretty well. Here is the finished product. Not too shabby for the first try.


Caitlin said...

I feel the same way...which is why Ki also has a buzz!

Flip-flop Mama said...

good work! I have learned how to cut my boys' hair too :)