Thursday, July 22, 2010

Whirlwind Wednesday

It has been a busy few days at our house. My Grandpa Duane had been struggling with his back hurting him for quite awhile now and this past weekend it got to the point he couldn't even walk anymore. Long story short they admitted him to the hospital and found what they thought was a blood clot on his spinal cord. They did surgery and found it was not a blood clot but a staph infection. He has been very sick and hurting so badly so my Mom and uncles have been taking turns staying with him at night. Carl had already put in several hours at work and was able to take Wednesday off so we were able to go up to see him. I rode up with my mom to Mason City Tuesday evening and he took the kiddos to his parents house where we stayed. I was able to see Grandpa for a little while and then rode back to Algona with Bone and Grandma. The next day we took the kiddos to see Grandma at the farm for a few minutes before I hitched a ride back to Mason City with them to see Grandpa again. While I was gone Carl utilized Mawdsley's shop and changed oil in the van. The boys had a blast running around the farm and the bonus of the whole thing was they got to help pick the sweet corn that was now ready! Grandpa was doing much better the day after his surgery and it was good to get to see him. Carl brought the kids over to pick me up from Mason City that afternoon and they stopped up to say hi. I think he enjoyed seeing them even for just a few minutes. He is now in skilled nursing care still in Mason City where he will have lots of physical therapy over the next week or so, then go to Algona skilled care where he will have to stay for another 5 weeks to receive IV anti-biotics to make sure all the of the infection is gone and it hasn't spread anywhere else in his body. This will be tough for Grandpa as he is a farmer whose place is on the farm. Being away this long plus the recovery itself is going to be hard on him so I'm sure he would appreciate any prayers:) It was kind of whirlwind day or so but it was good to visit and the boys loved staying at Grandma and Grandpa's for the night and then getting to play the next day(not to mention the trip to Algona's Daylight Donuts for a treat in the morning:) We got to enjoy the sweet corn we brought back for a few nights now. Everyone is a fan. Even the littlest one!

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