Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Fun

Friday we made a trip up to the farm so the boys could ride in the combine. They missed out on harvest last year since we had a newborn and this year was starting to get away from us but we managed to make a short trip up. They boys both rode with Uncle Bone in the combine. They rode for over an hour until Bone called and said he thought they were getting a little bored:) I think they probably would have been better if they had been separate but I was actually surprised they made it as long as they did. This is what I saw when I came to pick them up.

Saturday morning we woke up to another beautiful fall day so we loaded the family in the Monte(this is what Callie looks like when she rides in it, it has t-tops and she loves the breeze blowing on her, she pretty much has that expression the whole time the car is moving) and went to get breakfast to eat in the park. The kids all loved their donuts. The colors in the background are so pretty. When they were done it was time to play for awhile. They all loved sliding and Gabe has now mastered the monkey bars as well. He was pretty proud of himself. Unfortunately we had lots of errands to run so we had to leave before they were ready but we have been loving this great weather!

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