Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Callie part 1

Friday we introduced Callie to her first birthday tradition, sundaes at Hickory Park! She loved the french fries and mac and cheese she got for dinner as well. Gabe and Ty like coloring with the crayons and the cheeseballs!Here is the so big birthday girl and one of her many funny faces. When the sundae came out Callie was a little confused and looked at the waiters and waitresses like they were crazy. They put her sundae in front of her and she immediately tried to grab the candle and she was unhappy when we wouldn't let her touch it. She loved her ice cream though! Saturday morning arrived and we all greeted the birthday girl in her room and sang her happy birthday. Gabe is letting us know Callie is one! We did birthday donuts and Callie was again intrigued by the candle. She got a little big brother help blowing it out. That afternoon we had some friends over for a birthday tailgate. It worked out really well since her birthday fell on game day. We smoked some meat and while we were working outside the boys made their own fun with their "new hats" When everyone arrived the kids had fun eating and playing and the adults eating and conversing:) We did cupcakes to celebrate her birthday and I will do an actual cake for the family party we are having for her this weekend. Since it was a tailgate we didn't formally sing happy birthday but we did give her a cupcake with a candle. She has had lots of practice with candles but still would rather try and touch them then blow them out. She LOVED her cupcake. She was one tired little girl by the evening and Coleigh put her to bed early and stayed with the kids while Carl and I went to the game. The Cyclones even won for Callie on her birthday! We had a great day celebrating and look forward to doing it all again this Sunday with our family.

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