Thursday, February 17, 2011

Monkey Bread and Balloons

We've been battling colds with slights fevers and I'm pretty sure ear infections this week.  Gabe has stayed home from school Tuesday and Wednesday to make sure his fever was gone and even with the nice weather the days get loooooong.  Yesterday morning we decided to make monkey bread for snack.  The boys both helped shake the sugar and cinnamon mixture in the bag and then helped tear up the biscuits and coat them.

  Gabe did a great job of putting the pieces in the pan.  Ty got a little bored by our third or fourth tube of biscuits but for the most part had fun helping.  Poor Callie just a little too small to help out quite yet but she did enjoy eating the bread(notice the impromptu step stool in the 2nd picture).

Gabe was proud of the way he got the biscuit pieces evenly in the pan.  He is displaying his masterpiece before we put it in the oven.

  It turned out great and was a big hit at snack time. 

Later in the day I remembered we had some balloons left over from a party so I blew up a few.

 They loved playing with them and then Callie got up from nap and tried to get the boy's balloons.

  Gabe told me I needed to get her her own pink balloon so that is what we did. She was happy as a lark.

 Of course the problem with balloons is that they pop.  Any ideas of whose popped first?

If you guessed the red head you would be right....and his reaction.  Priceless.

I think we are pretty much over the crud now and thankfully have even been able to play outside a few times, even with the mud:)  Although this weather is kind of a tease in February because most likely we will get at least a little more snow and it will probably be pretty cold again as well.  Oh well take what you can get I suppose.

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Steph said...

Ok, can you please share your monkey bread recipe? The one I have tried never turns out looking (or probably tasting) that good! :)