Friday, February 25, 2011

The Next Best Thing

We have dubbed our vacation to Florida this past October/November as the scrubbed vacation because of all the issues with the space shuttle launch. We were crushed when we had to leave for home not having gotten to see the launch, but we knew all along it could happen(and we still had a wonderful, fabulous time, Gabe can't wait to go back!). We have decided however that it would have been worse to have missed the launch by a few days or even weeks then what actually happened. Yesterday, February 24th, 2011 Space Shuttle Discovery launched for a final time at 4:53 pm eastern time 16 weeks and 3 days after it's originally scheduled launch date. While it would have been awesome and spectacular to have had this view,

alright it would have been more like this view.

We settled for the next best thing and watched it live on NASA TV, the boys were still ecstatic, I may have cried a little:)

Seeing it live or not it is simply awesome! Godspeed Discovery!

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clarkitect said...

Man I love that machine. Godspeed Discovery. Sorry we missed you, but I'd take a scrubbed vacation any day.