Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dear Commander Lindsey

Today we watched Space Shuttle Discovery land for a final time at Kennedy Space Center. Gabe was very excited to watch the wheels come out and the shuttle touchdown. Right after it had stopped he turned to me and asked if he could write the astronauts a letter. I told him he could so he immediately began work on a picture and letter for shuttle commander Steve Lindsey. Here is his work.

I also enclosed the following letter with a few of the things Gabe wanted to say but couldn't fit in his writing.
Commander Lindsey,
My 5 year old son Gabe wanted to write you a letter and draw you a picture. We arrived in Florida from Iowa in November to try and watch Discovery's launch, as you know that didn't occur but Gabe was very glad they found the problems so you and your crew stayed safe. We watched lift off and landing on NASA TV instead and his enthusiasm did not dwindle, even though we were unable to see it live. He loves the space program and was in heaven when we visited the space center. He wanted to tell you that he thinks you did a good job and he's very glad you made it back to Earth safely. He also wanted to let you know he wants to be an astronaut when he grows up and he hopes he gets to go to space. Enclosed is a picture and letter from him(with a translation of the 5 year old writing) Seeing Discovery on the launch pad when we visited was an awesome experience for our family. Congratulations on a successful mission.
Hollie Clark and Gabe

Tomorrow we are going to drop it in the mailbox:) I don't know if Gabe will continue to want to be an astronaut or if he will ever have the chance to become one but I do know that his knowledge and love for all things space brings a smile to my face. Gabe we love you from Earth to the Moon and all the way back again:)


Flip-flop Mama said...

what a sweet post Hollie. . .good job mom, taking time to help Gabe do that :)

EClark said...

This is so adorable, and the drawing is really well done. Way to go Gabe.