Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring, St. Patricks Day and Scooters

We actually had a few nice days during Spring Break this year!  Since it was nice out we were able to enjoy riding scooters down the sidewalk.

We discovered Gabe's old bike helmet was getting a bit too small for his rather good sized noggin so I found this one at Target.

He loves it and much to his little brothers delight, Ty is able to wear Gabe's old helmet complete with his beloved "Queen" on the side!  It matches his scooter and his boots!

 Even Callie likes to ride the scooter! 
While scootering you always need a snack to keep the energy up so we ate the St. Patricks Day chocolate cupcakes we had made(really just chocolate cupcakes with green sprinkles)  Everyone was a fan and it kept the chocolate mess out of the house!

Speaking of St. Patrick's Day, this was our attempt at an Irish dinner for the night.

Boxty's (potato pancakes) with Guinness Beef stuffed in them topped with Gorgonzola cream sauce, they turned out pretty well, we attempted them last year too and the finished product was better this year.  
Back to scootering for a minute,  Ty loves scootering so much that even when it was time to be inside he tried to sneak back out again, he had gone to the bathroom and was having a hard time getting his pants back up, we told him to just take them off since it was almost time to get jammies on for the night, not thinking much of it he took them off, soon after Carl looked out the front door and saw Ty like this.

Yep outside with his helmet, boots and shirt minus the pants, I should have snapped the picture while still outside but the shock of him going outside sans pants threw me off.  Here's hoping for many more scootering days this month!

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Flip-flop Mama said...

love the pantless scooter boy and Callie is looking like such a "little girl!"