Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh What a Day!

With small children anytime you do kitchen activities they have the potential to be messy.  I understand that.  Our day yesterday however was messy, crazy and bloody, yes I said bloody.  The day started off pretty well we ran to the store to pick up the few things we needed to make our treats.  We got through the store pretty quickly with kids doing a great job helping get the few things we needed. We got home and started our rainbow jello treats right away.  Gabe laid out the cups.

  Then dumped the jello into a bowl,

after I added the boiling water he stirred it and then added the cold water.

  He then supervised as I filled each cup with red our first color.  Ty even helped out a little.

 Then we moved onto the cookies.  As we were doing this Ty decided it would be a good idea to get the computer chair(on wheels) and bring it to the counter so he could get a little bit higher(it's tough being vertically challenged) as he climbed up I told his to get down as it wasn't a very good idea to have a chair with wheels to stand on, he did and then Callie climbed up, my hands were covered in dough and flour and as I was going to wipe them off to get her down Ty came runing by the chair knocking it out from under her and her falling flat on her face from the chair to the floor.  1st blood incident.  Her poor little chin got scraped up and her lip bled pretty good for awhile.  Gabe freaked out because there was blood, Ty freaked out because he knew he had caused her to fall and of course Callie freaked out because she was hurt.  After getting her cleaned up and the floor cleaned up we got back to cookie business.  Gabe helped me cut out the shapes

and then once we had a pan full we took them out to the table where the boys got to use egg yolk paints to paint them. 

They both enjoyed making each cookie look just right.

 After they were painted we baked them

 and then after they were all done we piped frosting on them(well I did)

Now during cleanup in the kitchen I heard Ty tell Callie something, I didn't think much of it as this happens quite frequently at our house.  Then as I went in to check on them after I heard Ty tell Callie no again I saw what he was talking about.  Somehow Ty had grabbed the box of food coloring we had used to paint cookies off the counter(I swear it was moved clear back so it was out of reach of children but who knows) and had taken it into the living room.  He got out the green and managed to get it all over the floor by the loveseat and his hands.  Callie had then gotten into the box and continued the rampage of food coloring all over our white chair and on herself.  It was a mess.  I have never seen such multi-colored children ever.  I kind of wish I would have taken a picture just to document the mess but at the time I was too shocked, angry, in disbelief that I just had to clean it up.  Both of the culprits then had to be bathed and me too since I now had it all over my arms and hands as well.  Ugh what an afternoon.  Wednesday night things had seemed to calm down somewhat and we headed to D6(our church's family ministry) I delivered our Easter/thank you treats to the kids teachers

 and then went to help out in the Kindergarten classroom as always.  I was doing a game with my small group when I saw Gabe walking back down the hallway.  When he saw me he ran into our room and said "Mom, I lost a tooth!"  I said I didn't know you had a loose tooth buddy, Our pastor who is also Gabe's teacher for D6 said he didn't, he fell.  Oh my, looking closer at his face he had a skinned up nose and chin and his lips were fat and puffy.  Apparently he was pushing a truck on the floor and tripped and his face planted into the truck.  Knocking out his tooth(thankfully the top front tooth that is still a baby tooth and not a bottom middle that is an adult tooth)  I was told the amount of blood was crazy.  In a way I'm kinda glad I didn't have to clean up that bloody mess as well.  I tried to get a picture of his gappy mouth but his poor lips were so swollen it was hard for me to get a picture of it.  I did get this one and you get the idea.

  His tooth came out clean, root and all, I have never seen a tooth like that and it is rather nasty.  Troy told us he did great and hardly cried at all.  We are thankful he was in there and able to calm him down and take care of him, what a crazy night and day!  I hope our Thursday proves to be more clean and less bloody!(and in case you're wondering I moved the food coloring to the highest shelf in the cabinet, just in case)

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Flip-flop Mama said...

Oh Hollie, "my mama told me there'd be days like this. . .there'd be days like this my mama said!" Isn't that a song? We've had days like that. . .glad you survived!