Friday, April 15, 2011

Signs of Spring

Our grass is green, our daffodils, hyacinth, magnolia and crocus are in bloom and our children are loving the outdoors(well minus the bees for Gabe, he is terrified of bees)  With the nicer weather means playing in the tree house and little slide in the backyard.  I finally took the camera out with me to snap a few pictures the other day.  Ty is a huge slide fan.  He likes this little one.

but he's a big fan of the big green one too.

and of course no trip to the back yard would be complete without a wrestling match or two on the slide.

Gabe enjoys the slide too.

although I think he enjoys the tree more.

Callie likes the flowers, but mostly she likes to pull them apart and try to eat them.

The big brothers love to help her go down the slide.

She is just happy to be outside with everyone!

We are looking forward to many more nice days to play outside!

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