Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day at the Farm

Wow what a weekend!  It started off with getting ready for a garage sale at my parents house on Saturday.  It was great to get some stuff out of our house and get some of the kids clothes reorganized and I sold some of the excess.  It was so nice to be free of more stuff from the house:)  (I did forget how much work garage sales are though from sorting and organizing and pricing my stuff to hauling it over and getting everything set up, man I was tired)  After the pretty successful sale on Saturday we came home and I made a few desserts and Carl smoked a whole pork shoulder to take up to the farm for lunch on Sunday.  Sunday we left bright and early for Burt.  We met my family at church and besides our little wiggle worm names Callie they did great.  After church my grandma really wanted a picture of the whole family so we attempted.  I think Pete and Kim are seriously wondering if they want a family picture at the wedding next summer or not:)  Despite Gabe doing this in most of the pictures.

We did get one good one. 

After church we went out to the farm for lunch where the boys just couldn't wait to get outside to play baseball and ride the tractors!  They loved their tractor rides and they also got to go see the goats at Daves and got to ride on the gator and mule.  Even Callie got in on the action. 

She loved it!  We had a great day at the farm!

 We also stopped by Carl's parents to say hi for Mothers Day while we were up there, I think we surprised them!

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