Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Red Headed, Red Teamer, Bam Bammer and a Big Girl Bed

Ty is playing Bam Bam Baseball this year.  Basically like t-ball except they hit a bigger rubber ball off of stacked coffee cans with a big plastic bat, everyone gets a turn to hit and everyone gets a turn to field the ball.  He LOVES it.  He had practice a few weeks ago and did a great job and couldn't wait until his game on Saturday.  Here is my little short stuff up to bat.

He also took a turn fielding the ball.

He is somewhat of a distracted player as when he noticed Grandma and Grandpa were there he had to run over the fence and wave and say "Oh hi guys!"  As much as he loves playing bam bam though I think the snack is his favorite part:)

In other news Callie is now in a big girl bed!  Actually I'm not all that excited about it, I wasn't quite ready for my baby to be out of her crib but with my parents moving soon and her getting the bed from their spare room at some point in the future the timing just seemed right to set the bed up where it was going to go.  Here she is showing off her big girl bed.

For now I am just using the bedding my mom had on it at their house but I am not in the hunt for cute, purple girly bedding.  I think I have one in mind but am watching it on ebay right now:)(I have to have something fun and positive to think about with my baby becoming a big girl and all)  She looks so little in such a big bed!

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Would they like some ideas for healthy snacks?