Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Big Day

I had my 2nd official doctors appointment today. I say official because I have actually had to go several times for random other things, some simple, some a little scary but all has been well each time so we are thanking God for watching over this baby, although my fear from all of these issues is that we will be having a red headed little girl(if you know our red head and our girl you would know what I mean by that statement, but I love them to death!). Anyway everything looked good at our appointment. My doctor(who is wonderful and I love and is one of the reasons I am sad this is our last baby because I won't get to go see her regularly anymore) found a strong heartbeat right away. I love the sound of the babies heartbeat on the Doppler, so reassuring that everything is well. Everything else looked good as well and she looked at the calendar and we went ahead and penciled in our c section date. She gave me a choice between July 6th or July 10th. July 6th was out as it is the day before my brothers wedding and if I have my way I won't be in the hospital on my brothers wedding day so we decided on July 10th, it should be easy to remember since it is exactly one month before our anniversary. Now I have known since our less then perfect, completely opposite of plan birth of Gabe that baby will come when it wants but we are hoping that he/she cooperates and arrives on the 10th. Callie waited until her scheduled day so we do have hope:). My next appointment is an ultrasound on Valentines Day, we are excited to see our little baby again and no we will NOT be finding out if the baby is a boy or a girl, I need something to look forward to after the IV insert(usually not an easy thing for me) and the spinal:). Sorry no pictures today I really haven't taken any since Christmas.

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allison said...

Yeah for heartbeats and not finding out the sex of the baby. I agree 100% about having something to look forward to after all the prep for a c-section.