Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Days

Our summer has been somewhat different this year because of this little guy.
But we are finding our new normal and Ezra is beginning to fit in with our family.  He always has an admiring crowd around him even when he is hanging out in his bouncy seat.
He's also never short on people who want to hold him either.  Some of them do a better job then others:)

Even with all the excitement of the new baby we have managed to squeeze in a few normal summer activities.  Our favorite being the aquatic center.  When I was pregnant I loved to go so I could be less heavy:)  Now the big kids and Carl have gone and I've stayed home with the baby but one night we all went and hung out since it wasn't so unbearably hot.  Since I wasn't swimming this time I managed to get a few pictures of our little fishies.  Here's my princess fish ready to hop in the water.
and her biggest brother giving us the thumbs up.
and Ty doing his absolute favorite thing at the pool. 

We love the pool!

Hopefully someday Ezra will love it as much as his big sister and brothers but for now this is what he was up to the whole time we were there.
Nothing better then lounging by the pool on a beautiful summer evening.

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