Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ezariah Isaac

Our morning started bright and early with the alarm greeting me at 4:15am.  I slept surprisingly well that night considering all the excitement coming our way the next day.  I showered and got dressed and tried not to think about breakfast.
 Carl and I left our house shortly before 5:15 and arrived at the hospital and got checked in right around 5:30.  They had me fill out paper work and then we headed to the familiarity of the 4th floor.  I actually got a big room at check in!  Since I had c-sections each time we have always had a small room in the past so I was excited to get a bigger one this time.  After they gave me my hospital gown they had me lay down so they could monitor the baby while they got me ready for the c-section. 
The IV start was hard and had to be done twice and ended up on my right hand in my knuckle area.  Not the most ideal location but it worked I guess.  After the IV and lots of questions it was almost time to walk back to the Operating Room.  I joked with Carl that the OR table looks like some kind of torture device with its arms straight out and the narrow edges and sterileness of the whole thing:) 
They had Carl wait outside while the anesthesiologist put in my spinal.  Thankfully he got it in the first try this time.  With Callie it took a few attempts.  Once it was in a wonderful warm feeling descends all down my lower half and they moved me into position for surgery.  It always amazes me how quickly everything happens.  Carl and our anesthesiologist were chatting away and pretty soon I began to feel pressure.  That usually means the baby will be out shortly so fortunately I said something and they looked and sure enough baby was about ready to be born!  Carl got the camera ready and snapped our first pictures.  The anesthesiologist dropped the curtain in front of me so I could watch him be born.  It happened so quickly I saw him come out but that was about it!  They all said right away it's a boy!
 I cried some happy tears when I heard him cry and as quickly as he came out they had taken him back to the nursery to make sure everything was ok.  Carl went with him.  The rest of the surgery went quickly and I was beginning to wonder by the end if everything was ok with the baby as they hadn't come back in yet.
 Soon Carl came in and told me he looked great and scored two 9's on his APGAR scores and that he weighed 7 lbs. 15 oz.  Shortly after that they wheeled me to recovery where Carl was able to bring in our new son so I could hold him.  We thought right away he looked like Ty but with Callies hair.  I was able to nurse him and hold him in recovery almost the whole time I was in there.  He did great right away!  After awhile they took me back to our room where the tired hit me!  I was so sleepy it was hard to keep my eyes open. 
I was able to make a few phone calls to my parents and Carl to his mom to let her know when she could bring the kids but I was out of it for awhile afterwards. 
The kids came towards lunch time and discovered that they had a baby brother!  They were so excited to meet him and learn his name.  Ezariah is derived from Azariah (the given name of Abendigo in the Old Testament, his name was changed to Abendigo when he was sold into slavery)  and means God Helps.  We had a hard time with boys names as we wanted something unique but also something that had good meaning, came from the Bible since the other boys were biblical names and had a nickname.  Ezariah and Ezra had the same meaning and we really liked both.  Isaac means laughter.  So without further adieu here our our first pictures of Ezariah Isaac.

This was taken the night before we went to the hospital.  The kids were already excited to meet their newest sibling!
I'll spare you a few of the more bloody pictures but here is one of the first we have our sweet baby Ezra!

After being weighed and looked over here is Daddy checking out his brand new baby boy!

and Mom getting to hold baby Ezra for the first time in recovery(lovely hat and all!)
Ezariah Isaac Clark weighing in at 7 lbs. 15 oz. 20 inches long and born at 7:47am!

Grandpa and the Grandmas meeting Baby Ezra

and Ezra with his very proud big siblings!

Danielle came to visit us as well!  One more for her to watch now!
and here is sweet baby boy with my Dr.  She has been my doctor for all of the kiddos and delivered 3 of the 4.  We love her, she is the best!

Our hospital stay came to an end Monday morning when we were able to get Ezra dressed(which he wasn't crazy about) and bring him home!

and his welcoming committee!

Everyone has been adjusting well so far and Ezra has been a good baby.  We are in love with him and can't wait to watch him grow and learn(but not too quickly!)  We are so blessed by him and our so excited to have our family complete!

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