Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Baseball and an Update

Crazy to think about but baseball season has started down here in the Lone Star State. Gabe is playing Sr. Division machine pitch and Ty is playing Jr. League machine pitch. Gabe is on the White Sox and Ty is on the Cubs, crazy how they both got Chicago teams. Opening day was this past weekend with pictures and a big opening ceremony.

After opening ceremonies we grabbed some lunch and then back to the ball fields for Ty's first game.

After Ty's Game we had Gabe's game.

It was a long day and we all got a little sunburned even with sunscreen but we had fun. Baseball does wear a guy out though.

Before opening day we had some visitors! Grant and Danielle came down for the weekend. The girls went shopping to get Callies flower girl dress for their wedding in May. We also took them to the waterwall

And we had a fun day at the beach.


That same weekend my parents arrived for a short visit. We took them to the beach as well, that day it was so foggy you could hardly see the water!

All too soon our visitors had to go home so we cheered ourselves up by taking advantage of our zoo pass and the gorgeous day. We got to see the new baby elephant

As well as the new baby giraffe

And of course the monkeys always like the monkeys


Homeschooling is going pretty well. We are all getting used to our routine. We have been studying the Declaration of Independance and Colonial times lately so we got to write with quills the other day. Everyone enjoyed it but decided it would have been harder to write back then.

And just because he's ya go.



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