Monday, March 10, 2014

Port of Houston

Before we even moved here when I was looking up information on Houston, I discovered that there were free boat tours through the Port of Houston. We didnt have any baseball games this weekend so we decided we would make reservations and see what it was all about. You do have to make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance and over 18 has to show ID to board but otherwise it is free. We arrived and got in line and soon we boarded. The kids thought the boat was cool and when we were allowed they immediately wanted to move to the back of the boat.


There were several ships in port, a few government ships

Lots of Cargo ships


Several tugboats

And lots of various other kinds of ships. Some were from far away countries so it was cool to see whete they all were from. The kids loved finding different types and even colors of ships.

Even Ezra had a great time looking out at all the ships going by. They liked to go to the front of the boat as well.

Ezra liked it when he got to be a big boy and stand on the deck with the other kids.

They even offer free coffee and soft drinks aboard the boat. On our tour we got to see a coast guard boat and also a helicopter overhead. The kids thought that was pretty cool as well. If you're ever in Houston(besides visiting us:) it is definately something fun and different to see and do(and its free, cant beat that!)


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