Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2 Down 2 to Go

We are half way done with our family Christmas's. They have been fun and it is kind of nice to have them spread out a little bit so the new toys have a chance to get played with before the next round comes:) Christmas Eve we went to church and then my mom, dad and brother came over for supper and we played some rousing games on the Wii Fit. Each of the boys got to open one present from Grandma and Grandpa and we TRIED to get a few pictures of the boys in front of the tree with their cute Christmas sweaters(notice the bribe I am handing to Ty in the first picture). On Christmas morning we opened gifts at our house with just our little family and had homemade cinnamon rolls and "Gabe coffee"(hot chocolate) Ty was pretty indifferent to the present opening at first and even tried to eat one of his presents but eventually he decided it was pretty fun to rip the paper and got more into the action. After we were all dressed and ready to go we headed over to my parents house and opened presents with them. Gabe enjoyed helping pass out the presents and would help anyone out with the opening if they needed it. Ty once again would squeal with delight when he was ripping the wrapping paper and then discovered swimming in the paper was pretty fun too. The rest of the day was spent eating lunch and then playing a few games while the Ty napped and Gabe was preoccupied with his new Geo-Trax and Pirate Ship. That evening we picked Em up from the airport. Saturday we had Carl's family Christmas at Andrea and Alan's house. The kids enjoyed opening more presents and we had a great lunch. The cousins also enjoyed playing on Clark's new gator. We were able to get in some more Wii Fit time as well. New Years Day we celebrate Christmas with the Mawdsley's and Saturday Christmas with the Angus'. We hope everyone had a blessed Christmas. See you again in 2009!


Flip-flop Mama said...

Merry Christmas! Porter would be so jealous of the gator!!! Did you splurge on PB stockings?! They're so cute :) How is Wii Fit?

clarkitect said...

So, I enjoy Gabe practicing Kung Fu in front of the Christmas tree.

Nicoleigh said...

Have a Happy New Year, and enjoy the rest of your Christmas gatherings! If I don't see you before the 10th....see you then! (Just let me know what time I'm needed.)