Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

We've been doing Christmas related things for awhile now but now it truly does feel like the Christmas season is here. The past few weeks we have been busy making wreaths for Clarks Christmas Conifers. We went several week nights and put our kids to bed at Andrea and Alan's while we cut boughs and made wreaths to take up to the shop. We headed to Algona on Tuesday with no more space left in our jeep, it is always amazing to me how much stuff you need for a family of 4. Anyway we arrived Tuesday evening and Wednesday we were busy getting the shop ready and getting tree's decorated(Ty just lounged around). Thursday we were able to spend Thanksgiving with my mom's family and then back out the the tree farm where we let the boys pick out our upstairs Christmas tree(on the top landing so you can see it from the big arched window) Gabe and Ty had fun running around in the trees and Gabe loved every tree so with some presuasion from mom and dad we finally settled on one to cut down. As you can see it was a group effort to haul it back to the shop. At the shop we always take pictures of everyone who buys a tree and put it up on our board and then add them to our scrap books each year. This is the first year we are included! Usually we just get our tree from the shop and forget to take our picture but this year since we cut one and got one from the shop we actually remembered to do it(Ty was none too happy to be pulled away from playing with something and Gabe is just a goober). Gabe loved being a helper and watched as they shook our tree and then Gabe pulled it through the netting. He got lots of practice doing this all weekend. My mom and dad took Ty home with them Thursday afternoon to stay through the weekend since 3 grandkids 3 and under and trying to keep up with cookies and cider in the shop is a big task for Grandma Nancy. Friday our busy open house weekend began and we were quite busy all 3 weekend days. We were hoping we had enough wreaths for the demand(a good problem) and will be making a few more to take up with us again this weekend. Gabe loved helping at the tree farm and even helped Grandpa Matt decorate their Christmas tree. He also loved "swimming" in their tub with lots of bubbles thanks to the whirlpool jets. When we got home Sunday evening we were happy to see Ty and very excited to sleep in our own beds. We got our Christmas tree up and the house all decorated the beginning of this week and are already making many Christmas memories, I'm sure I will never forget my littlest boy dancing his heart out to Rockin Around the Christmas Tree or my bigger boy's eyes when he saw Carl bring our Christmas tree in the house. We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you are up in the Algona area this weekend and haven't already purchased your lovely REAL Christmas tree or wreath stop on out to Clarks Christmas Conifers:)

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clarkitect said...

I am always amazed at how photogenic a tree farm can be. It is tough to get bad pictures when you are surrounded by acres of trees. Our living room looks like a picture in a Christmas store catalog.